Choosing the right investing app can be pretty daunting, but don’t worry. We’re here to help.

Today we’re going to compare CashApp vs M1 Finance and see which app reigns supreme!


Which Investment App Is Best, Cashapp or M1 Finance?


Simplicity 100%
Services 75%
Sign-ups 80%
Stock Research 75%
Store Rating 85%

M1 Finance

Simplicity 95%
Services 85%
Sign-ups 85%
Stock Research 80%
Store Rating 90%

Both CashApp and M1 Finance are really easy apps to use and both have decent features and a reliable service.

Their stock research tools are just mediocre, but they work, and their sign-up and referral bonus programs aren’t exactly the best in the Fintech industry, but overall they aren’t bad.

M1 Finance is technically a better investment app than Cash App is, but Cash App is still pretty neat, and it’s useful if you need a money transfer app.

CashApp is better if:


M1 Finance is better if:

CashApp vs M1 Finance: Simplicity

CashApp Simplicity 100%
M1 Finance Simplicity 95%

Both Cash App and M1 finance did a great job making their apps simple. Both offer fractional shares and an easy to use interface.

Simplicity is the one area where both of these apps really shine.

How easy is CashApp to use?

cash app bitcoin screen

Cash App is one of the most simple investment apps out there, only rivaled by Acorns.

The developers gave up some utility in order to make Cash App as easy as possible to use and understand.

The app comes with it’s own simple investing tutorial that even a child would understand, and they provide easy access to stocks with the offering of fractional shares and instant deposits.

How easy is M1 Finance to use?

M1 Finance investing app

As you can see, M1 Finance is also incredibly simple.

It’s amazing to me that these apps can allow you to do so much with such a minimal interface.

Investors of all experience levels should have zero problems figuring out how M1 Finance works, which was a relief to me, seeing as I started using it when I WAS a newer investor.

Fractional shares REALLY make a big difference when you’re new to all of this, and not all of the brokerages offer them, which is a shame.

Which Investment app is simpler, Cash App or M1 Finance?

Both Cash App and M1 Finance are extremely simple and intuitive, BUT technically Cash App is a little easier to use and figure out.

If you’re new and you require an investing app that’s really simple, either one will be fine, so I wouldn’t stress too much about it.

CashApp and M1 Finance Services

CashApp Services 75%
M1 Finance Services 85%

Here’s a list of the different investing features that Cash App and M1 Finance offer investors:

Cash App FeaturesFree AccountPremium AccountM1 Finance FeaturesFree AccountPremium Account
Monthly Fee$0N/AMonthly Fee$0$125/ year
Minimum Balance$0N/AMinimum Balance$0$0
Instant Depositsinvestment app feature yesN/AInstant Depositsinvesting apps feature noinvesting apps feature no
Automatic Depositsinvesting apps feature noN/AAutomatic Depositsinvestment app feature yesinvestment app feature yes
Stocksinvestment app feature yesN/AStocksinvestment app feature yesinvestment app feature yes
ETFsinvestment app feature yesN/AETFsinvestment app feature yesinvestment app feature yes
Optionsinvesting apps feature noN/AOptionsinvesting apps feature noinvesting apps feature no
Cryptocurrencyinvestment app feature yesN/ACryptocurrencyinvesting apps feature noinvesting apps feature no
Fractional Sharesinvestment app feature yesN/AFractional Sharesinvestment app feature yesinvestment app feature yes
DRIP/FRIPinvesting apps feature noN/ADRIP/FRIPinvestment app feature yesinvestment app feature yes
Bondsinvesting apps feature noN/ABondsinvesting apps feature noinvesting apps feature no
Mutual Fundsinvesting apps feature noN/AMutual Fundsinvesting apps feature noinvesting apps feature no
Paper Tradinginvesting apps feature noN/APaper Tradinginvesting apps feature noinvesting apps feature no
Margin Accountsinvesting apps feature noN/AMargin Accountsinvestment app feature yesinvestment app feature yes
Retirement Accountsinvesting apps feature noN/ARetirement Accountsinvestment app feature yesinvestment app feature yes
Banking Servicesinvestment app feature yesN/ABanking Servicesinvestment app feature yesinvestment app feature yes
Human Advisorsinvesting apps feature noN/AHuman Advisorsinvesting apps feature noinvesting apps feature no
Robo Advisorsinvesting apps feature noN/ARobo Advisorsinvestment app feature yesinvestment app feature yes
Stock Screenersinvesting apps feature noN/AStock Screenersinvesting apps feature noinvesting apps feature no
Level 2 Market Datainvesting apps feature noN/ALevel 2 Market Datainvesting apps feature noinvesting apps feature no
OtherMoney TransfersN/AOtherPie SharingPie Sharing

CashApp vs M1 Finance: Which app has the best service?

Well honestly, the services and features of both of these apps are only mediocre.

Cash App is definitely more lacking than M1 Finance is, and it’s only real selling point is the fact that it offers a money transfer service, which might be useful if you don’t have Venmo already.

M1 Finance isn’t a terrible investing app or anything, but it could us a few more options. (see what I did there? teehee)

Seriously though, M1 Finance has the better features so it wins this category.

CashApp and M1 Finance: Sign-up and referral rewards

CashApp Sign-up and referrals 75%
M1 Finance Sign-up and referrals 80%

Sign-up and referral bonuses are a good way to get an immediate return on your investment, or even to get SOMETHING to get started with.

I started off wit just free stocks I got from referrals from Robinhood, then I got some from Webull, and slowly built up my portfolio.

Here’s the sign-up and referral bonuses for Cash App and M1 Finance.

Cashapp sign up and referral rewards

cashapp referrals

Cash App’s sign-up and referral program is pretty lacking, in my opinion.

They’ll award you with $5 cash when you join and use their money transfer service to send $5 to a friend within 14 days, and they’ll also give you another $5 for each person you refer who sends $5 within 14 days to a friend.

The money DOES add up, it’s just a small amount, and the requirement to send money is annoying for such a small amount.

M1 Finance sign up and referral rewards

m1 finance referrals

The M1 Finance sign-up and referral program is pretty mediocre as well. It’s not terrible considering a 10% return on your money is the average yearly return of the stock market for a year, BUT there ARE other investment apps that provide better bonuses.

Having a $100 deposit requirement cuts down on the amount of referral rewards you’ll get, but most users aren’t very interested in the referral marketing side of these apps anyway.

Cash App Vs M1 Finance, Sign-up and Referral Bonuses

Neither one of these investing apps really has a great sign-up and referral program.

Cash App’s referral rewards are better for making money in the referral groups on Facebook, especially since it’s also a money transfer app, but overall M1 Finance has a slightly better reward system.


Who has better stock research tools, Cash App or M1 Finance?

CashApp Stock Research 75%
M1 Finance Stock Research 80%

If you’re interested in looking at stock charts and numbers, then this is the section for you!

Let’s go over the research tools of each of these investment apps.

CashApp research tools

cash app tools

Cash App has very mediocre research tools…

They work if you’re just going for long-term investing, but they are definitely a no-go for trading.

The app is designed to be simple, not to have powerful tools, so Cash App is going to have to step it up a little here.

M1 Finance stock research tools

m1 finance tools

I’m not a big fan of M1 Finance’s stock research tools either.

It seems like the apps who try to be simple really have a tendency to skimp out on their stock research tools.

Luckily M1 Finance isn’t really built for trading, but still, it’s nice to have more information than you need, rather than less.

Stock research: Cash App vs M1 Finance

Both Cash App and M1 Finance have fairly weak research tools, so if you’re trying to get involved with day-trading or heavy technical analysis, you may want to consider either using apps that are built for those kinds of things, like Webull or Thinkorswim.

Both of these apps are decent, they just dropped the ball on their research tools a bit, so third-party research sites, like Marketwatch, might be worth checking out if you decide to go with Cash App or M1 Finance.


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