If you’re looking for an extremely easy to use investing app, then Cash App and Acorns are two of the best apps around.

If you’re a newbie or you’re unfamiliar with both apps, this article will help you in understanding and comparing how Acorns and Cash App intend to help you invest your hard-earned money.

If you’re a little more experienced with investing and just want a simple app to use to buy stocks, or need an app to buy and send Bitcoin, then Cash App will probably be a better option because Cash App is simple but allows you to choose whatever stocks you want. Acorns is designed to be passive, so you don’t choose specifically what you want to invest in.

If you’re interested in being a day-trader, then you may want to consider looking into a different investing app, like Webull, because these apps aren’t designed to be great for day-trading.

Which investing app is best, Cash App or Acorns?

Cash App

Services 75%
Simplicity 100%
Sign-ups 80%
Stock Research 75%
Store Rating 85%


Services 80%
Simplicity 100%
Sign-ups 90%
Stock Research 75%
Store Rating 90%
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Both Cash App and Acorns provide very basic investing services to their users. The difference between them is the motive behind their designs.

Cash App provides active investors with a simple investing app where you’re still in control of your investment, where Acorns chooses to offer you more of a hands-off experience: passive investing with minimal costs of putting your investments on auto-pilot.

Cash App is good if you want to invest your money on simple terms without getting into anything complicated, and you’re not interested in involving an account manager or a Robo-advisor.

Acorns is more suited for investors who want to get passively involved in the world of stock trading. Acorns uses a Robo-advisor to manage your portfolio after determining what investment plan is best for you through a couple of questions regarding your income, assets, and risk tolerance.

Overall, Acorns is a better investing app than Cash App, BUT Cash App is the better choice if you want to do any active investing, or if you need a money transfer app, since Cash App offers money transfer services as well.

If you’ll keep reading, I’ll discuss in detail what the rating of each app means, and why you should be concerned about them.

Cash App and Acorns: Services and features

Cash App Services 75%
Acorns Services 80%

If you’re wondering what kind of features and services these apps offer, here’s a list for you!

If you have any questions about any of these services, let us know!

Cash App FeaturesFree AccountPremium AccountAcorns FeaturesFree AccountPremium Account
Monthly Fee$0N/AMonthly FeeN/A$1/$3/$5 per month
Minimum Balance$0N/AMinimum BalanceN/A$0
Instant Depositsinvestment app feature yesN/AInstant DepositsN/Ainvesting apps feature no
Automatic Depositsinvesting apps feature noN/AAutomatic DepositsN/Ainvestment app feature yes
Stocksinvestment app feature yesN/AStocksN/Ainvesting apps feature no
ETFsinvestment app feature yesN/AETFsN/Ainvestment app feature yes
Optionsinvesting apps feature noN/AOptionsN/Ainvesting apps feature no
Cryptocurrencyinvestment app feature yesN/ACryptocurrencyN/Ainvesting apps feature no
Fractional Sharesinvestment app feature yesN/AFractional SharesN/Ainvestment app feature yes
DRIP/FRIPinvesting apps feature noN/ADRIP/FRIPN/Ainvestment app feature yes
Bondsinvesting apps feature noN/ABondsN/Ainvesting apps feature no
Mutual Fundsinvesting apps feature noN/AMutual FundsN/Ainvesting apps feature no
Paper Tradinginvesting apps feature noN/APaper TradingN/Ainvesting apps feature no
Margin Accountsinvesting apps feature noN/AMargin AccountsN/Ainvesting apps feature no
Retirement Accountsinvesting apps feature noN/ARetirement AccountsN/Ainvestment app feature yes
Banking Servicesinvestment app feature yesN/ABanking ServicesN/Ainvestment app feature yes
Human Advisorsinvesting apps feature noN/AHuman AdvisorsN/Ainvesting apps feature no
Robo Advisorsinvesting apps feature noN/ARobo AdvisorsN/Ainvestment app feature yes
Stock Screenersinvesting apps feature noN/AStock ScreenersN/Ainvesting apps feature no
Level 2 Market Datainvesting apps feature noN/ALevel 2 Market DataN/Ainvesting apps feature no
OtherMoney TransferN/AOtherN/ARound-Ups

Who has the best services and features?

In this category, Acorns wins, BARELY.

Realistically, both of these investing apps are great, but the passive nature of the Acorns app makes up for a lot of the missing features, whereas Cash App is just a regular investing app that’s missing a lot of features.

Having fractional shares is a plus, and so is the money transfer service that Cash App offers, but that’s just not enough to make up for the other things Cash App lacks.

Easiest to use investing app, Cash App or Acorns?

Cash App Simplicity 100%
Acorns Simplicity 100%

How simple is Cash App?

cash app stocks

As a newbie to investing, Cash App is one of the easiest apps you’ll ever encounter. 

Cash App was designed to be easy to use enough for you so you wouldn’t need a Robo-advisor or pay extra fees on an account manager, even though you’re new to investing, and probably don’t know exactly what you’re doing yet.

Cash App is just enough for someone who wants to be minimally involved in investing without any complications.

Even though there aren’t any Robo-advisors or account managers to guide you through the investing process, Cash App’s design will make it easy for you to invest your money. 

Cash App even has a simple and informative guide to introduce new investors to how the stock market operates, so don’t be intimidated. 

How easy to use is Acorns?

Acorns is probably the only investing app that will ever be easier to use than Cash App, but that’s mostly due to it’s emphasis on making investing totally passive. 

You don’t need to be an investing guru for you to get the best out of this app. In fact, you don’t need any financial education at all!

Acorns ease of use comes from its automation: With Acorns’ Robo-advisors, you won’t need to work yourself up trying to understand how the whole investing world works.

Acorns only requires you to sign-up, link your bank account to the app and answer questions that will help in determining your risk tolerance level: a free flow of events that will occur as naturally to you as possible without any need for rigorous thinking.

Acorns’ primary intent is for you to invest as passively as you can, and acorns is right on target with that. HOWEVER, if you want to be in control of how your investments are taken care of, I’d advise you to look elsewhere, since Acorns will pretty much just dump your money into an ETF until you tell it to stop.

Which investing app is easiest to use?

Acorns is just the most simple app out there, but Cash App is up there too, especially compared to other active investing apps.

Realistically, if simplicity is your biggest concern, then you should probably just go with Acorns and passive investing, that way you don’t ever really have to worry about it again.

Cash App and Acorns sign-up and referral reward programs

Cash App Sign-up and Referrals 80%
Acorns Sign-up and Referrals 90%

Getting cash bonuses from an app that I’d be using anyway kind of feels like I’m cheating the system, and makes investing feel just a little more enjoyable. 

I mean, who doesn’t like free money, right?! 

Sign-up and referral bonuses are some of the perks that make apps appear juicy to new users; Looks like Acorns and Cash App are just right on time to the party!

Cash App sign-up and referral program

Cash App’s signup and referral bonus are not very fantastic… but they’re okay. 

Free money is free money…

For a new user, Cash App will reward you and the person whose referral link you used to register with $5 each after you send $5 out from your Cash App. Then, you can also share your referral links to friends and get paid too. Nice and easy, right?

Honestly, the fact that new users have to transfer money to get the bonus makes it a little weak compared to other apps, but it is what it is.

Acorns sign-up and referral program

When you register newly on Acorns, both you and the person who referred you will get $5 each as soon as you deposit $5 in your Acorns account. You can refer as many people as you can, and there is no 14-day ultimatum to this referral bonus unlike with Cash App.

Acorns usually runs a monthly promotion where affiliates are paid extra bonuses if they get a minimum number of people to register with their link and make their first investments. For instance, in June 2020, Acorns paid $300 in referral bonus for every 5 people who registered under an affiliate’s referral link.

Acorns also runs some other promotions in between the usual monthly promotions like the Acorns Family Referral Bonus in June 2020 where an eligible Acorns Family Subscriber gets a $45 investment bonus on successfully referring a new member with an Acorns Early Account (a custodial account for kids) to the Acorns Family Subscriber.

Whoever you refer must register an Acorns account and make a $5 investment using a bank as a funding source and maintain this $5 investment balance for 30 days. All of this must happen during the promotion period for you to get your referral bonus.

You should note that referral programs like this come with conditions slightly different from the usual monthly referral promotions. Make sure you pay attention to the fine print!

Best sign-up and referral program?

The Acorns Referral Program is much more appealing than Cash App’s, which makes Acorns our winner for this round!

If you can get people to register for these referral programs under your referral link and maybe even re-invest the money from your bonuses back into your Acorns Invest account… my friend, I’m glad to inform you that you have successfully cheated the system!

Cash App and Acorns stock research tools

Cash App Stock Research 75%
Acorns Stock Research 75%

As you invest your money in the stock market, you may start getting interested in the details of what exactly you’re buying with your money. 

There are numerous research tools out there for stocks, but most of the investing apps have at least SOME fairly decent tools built-in, so you’ll be able to do basic research. 

 Let’s see what Cash App and Acorns have to offer investors, as far as research tools…

Cash App stock research tools

Honestly, Cash App doesn’t have amazing tools, they’re just good enough to get by.

If you’re not a greenhorn in the investing world, or someone who’s looking for something simple, Cash App is going to feel pretty weak once you start trying to use it’s research tools.

If you’re looking to get more involved with stock tools, you may need to look into a third party app or website to research and understand your stock investments better. You could use tools like MarketWatch, or even another investing app, like Webull.

Acorns stock research tools

Acorns’ Robo-advisor service makes doing your own stock analysis unnecessary, so you won’t need to start picking stocks yourself.

This eliminates the need for powerful stock research tools since you won’t be actively involved in investing your money.

This doesn’t make Acorns a bad app since the essence of the app in the first place was to make investing as passive as it can be for you.

Since Acorns is more interested in maintaining your investments for you, it has a tool that shows a projection of what your portfolio should look like over time based on how much commit into your Acorns Invest Account monthly.

Best stock research tools, Cash App or Acorns?

I’d say, we have a tie!

Both apps function perfectly fine without having amazing research tools and charts, but keep this in mind if you ever want to get involved in any kind of day-trading.

Usually day-traders rely on technical analysis a lot more than passive investors do, and they also need to be able to have full control over their positions, so Acorns really can’t even function properly as a day-trading app.

Which investing app was your favorite?

We’d love to know which app you picked, and why you picked it! We value your comments and would love to hear them!

Thank you for reading, and thank you so much for the support. Have a great day.