Brief explanation of what we are doing?

We are going to do a number of things here:
1. Invest ~$110 dollars up front, then $25/ week 
2. Monitor how our portfolio grows
3. Compare the growth of these investments to other portfolios
4. Learn from the experience
5. Profit
6. Help other people

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Goals of this case study

We are trying to get data to show people how the stock market works, and to prove whether or not it’s a good idea to invest in company just based on an average knowledge base.

Not everyone is a financial advisor, but everyone has access to the stock market, so it seems responsible to test and see what kind of returns real people can expect to get from the stock market, or if passive investing is the way to go.

Or maybe neither approach is best, but let’s find out.

Investment strategy

This is our fun, emotional investing portfolio…

It’s not a lot of money or some ground-breaking new investing strategy, but I wanted to try it out to get some hard data, and to squeeze a little extra content out of my time.

I’m simply matching the deposits I make into a passive investing portfolio, then invest them however I want and compare the results… nothing too fancy…

Cash App

We're using the free money transfer and investing app as our brokerage. Click below for a review of their services, OR look at photos from this case study and see if you like their app.

Summary of Week 1, Month 3

Emotional investing is a little more fun than passive investing, but I’m also really interested in this kind of thing, so I could see how people could find it a little boring too.

Here’s what our emotional investing case study portfolio is starting to look like now in our third month of investing into it…


emotional investing case study

I haven’t been staying as strict with my buy-and-hold strategy in this portfolio as I have with our passive investing case study.

I have been flip-flopping positions around a little bit to try to figure out how it all works, and it WAS getting better results than our passive investing portfolio, but my individual positions have been tanking the last couple days, so it’s an up and down kind of thing.