If you’ve been hearing about Etrade and you want to start investing, or start managing your own portfolio, today we’re going to review the Etrade investing app and see if it’s worth using.

If you have any questions about Etrade, there’s a FAQ at the end of this article, and on the right is a table of contents to help you find what you need faster.

 Thanks, and enjoy the Etrade review!

Table of Contents

What do we think about Etrade for investing?

Our Etrade Rating

4/5 Stars


3.3/5 Stars


4.6/5 Stars

Services 90%
Simplicity 70%
Sign-ups 75%
Stock Research 85%
Store Rating 80%
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Etrade isn’t really my cup of tea, but I could see liking it if you’re a little more interested in digging into the app and figuring out how it all works.

There isn’t anything too wrong with the app, it just felt too cluttered for me.

The app gives you a ton of options for different types of investments, like mutual funds, bonds, and options, but the app felt a little bit clunky.

I give the Etrade investing app 4 / 5 stars overall, because it does have some solid features, but I wouldn’t recommend it if you want something nice and simple… like Acorns or Cash App.

The apple store gives the Etrade app 4.6 / 5 stars, and the Google Play Store gives it a much lower rating at 3.3 / 5 stars.

Here’s a breakdown of why Etrade was given these scores.

Etrade services and features breakdown

Services 90%

Etrade has a ton of different securities and assets to invest in. 

You can definitely tell this brokerage has been around for a while compared to other companies, like Robinhood.

This is both a good, and a bad, thing.

On the good side of things, Etrade gives investors access to a lot of different features and investments, but on the other hand the whole interface feels clunky, outdated, and outright confusing.

Here’s a table showing what Etrade has to offer:

Etrade FeaturesFree AccountPremium Account
Monthly Fee$0N/A
Minimum Balance$0N/A
Instant Depositsinvesting apps feature noN/A
Automatic Depositsinvestment app feature yesN/A
Stocksinvestment app feature yesN/A
ETFsinvestment app feature yesN/A
Optionsinvestment app feature yesN/A
Cryptocurrencyinvesting apps feature noN/A
Fractional Sharesinvesting apps feature noN/A
DRIP/FRIPinvestment app feature yesN/A
Bondsinvestment app feature yesN/A
Mutual Fundsinvestment app feature yesN/A
Paper Tradinginvesting apps feature noN/A
Margin Accountsinvestment app feature yesN/A
Retirement Accountsinvestment app feature yesN/A
Banking Servicesinvestment app feature yesN/A
Human Advisorsinvestment app feature yesinvestment app feature yes
Robo Advisorsinvesting apps feature noN/A
Stock Screenersinvestment app feature yesN/A
Level 2 Market Datainvestment app feature yesN/A

How easy is Etrade to use?

Simplicity 70%
etrade investing

Honestly, for me Etrade felt kind of overwhelming.

Maybe I’m just used to investing apps that are really simple, like Cash App, Robinhood, or Acorns, but Etrade just didn’t feel anywhere near as simple and intuitive as most of the other fintech apps I’ve tried.

There’s a lot of clutter everywhere and fancy numbers and graphs that don’t really do anything other than distract users.

Some people may prefer as much data as possible, which is totally fine, but the devs could have found a more elegant way to organize it so the app wouldn’t be so confusing for new users.

Etrade DOES have a Dividend Re-Investment Plan, which makes reinvesting your dividends automatic, but that feature alone isn’t enough to make up for the lack of fractional shares, or the overwhelming interface of the app itself.

Etrade sign-up and referral program benefits and requirements

Sign-ups and Referrals 75%
etrade referrals

When you sign up for Etrade with a referral link and deposit $500 or more into your account, Etrade will give you, and the person who referred you, a $50 Amazon gift card.

The buy-in for this bonus is pretty high compared to similar apps, many of which give bonuses just for signing up, BUT the $50 payout is also pretty big for 1 referral, which makes up for it.

Each user can earn up to $500 per year through this referral program, which is pretty standard for investing apps.

Overall, Etrade’s referral program seems solid but not the best in the world. 


Stock research tools

Stock Research 85%
etrade investing tools

The stock research tools of the Etrade investing app are actually surprisingly decent. They are definitely much better than most of the other investing apps we have tested so far, with the exception of Webull.

Unlike Webull, I don’t feel overwhelmed at all when I look at Etrade’s charts, but admittedly, that’s probably because Webull just has much more powerful tools.

Anyway, this isn’t a Webull review, if you want one of those, you can read one here.

Etrade investing FAQ

Here are the answers to some of the most common questions that investors have about the Etrade investment platform.

Which is better, Etrade or Robinhood?

Personally, I think Robinhood is a much better app. Etrade has a few features that Robinhood doesn’t have, but Etrade feels outdated and complicated, compared to Robinhood which feels new and easy to use.

Is Etrade Free?

Etrade is free to use and doesn’t charge any monthly fees or anything like that. They do charge fees for things like options, bonds, mutual funds, and a few other things. Their fee schedule can explain better than I can here.

Is Etrade legit? Can I trust them with my SSN?

Etrade has been around for years and is heavily regulated by the government so if they were scamming people and stealing people’s identities we would have heard something about it by now.

Don’t worry, Etrade is a legitimate company and has millions of happy customers.

How does Etrade make money?

Etrade makes money lending out unused assets. If you have cash sitting in your Etrade account, they are lending it out until the next time you make an investment.

Can I trade after hours on Etrade?

Yes! Etrade supports extended hours trading.

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