With Robo-advisor services becoming increasingly popular as technology advances, people are left with some tough choices about which investment app is right for them.

Luckily, that’s what investing app reviews are for, and this M1 Finance review will help you decide if M1 Finance is the right investing app for you.

How do we rate the M1 Finance investment app?

Our M1 Rating

4.4/5 Stars


4.4/5 Stars


4.6/5 Stars

Services 85%
Simplicity 95%
Sign-ups 85%
Stock Research 80%
Store Rating 90%
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Overall, M1 Finance is a really neat investing app and it does it’s job really well, so we give it 4.4/5 stars. 

The Google Play Store reviews give M1 Finance a 4.4/5 star rating.

Robo-advisors are a really nice stress-free option for people who don’t want to deal with managing their portfolios, but still want to participate in all the goodness the stock market brings.

Fractional shares are really nice to have, especially for newer investors, and are a welcome feature in M1 Finance’s service.

The sign-up bonuses and stock research tools offered by M1 Finance aren’t exactly the best to ever exist, but they do their job and we have no complaints with any of their offerings.

M1 Finance also added the ability to create custodial accounts, which allow you to open an account for your kids and teach them about investing, which is pretty interesting.

The only thing you should really be concerned about with M1 Finance, is they have a $20 inactive account fee for accounts that have less than $20 in them and which aren’t being actively used.

This fee should never really be an issue, but if you can’t maintain at least $20 in your M1 Finance account, then you may want to consider using another service that doesn’t have a minimum requirement.

What services does M1 Finance offer?

Services 85%
m1 finance app review features

M1 Finance has a wonderful service that feels a lot more like a real investing app than some of the other Robo-advisor services, like Acorns.

That doesn’t mean Acorns is a bad investing app or anything, but M1 Finance just has more features.

Here is a list of some of the notable features M1 Finance offers to investors.

M1 FeaturesFree AccountPremium Account
Monthly Fee$0$99.99/year (1st year), $125/year
Minimum Balance$0 (Active Accounts) / $20 (Inactive Accounts)$0 (Active Accounts) / $20 (Inactive Accounts)
Instant Depositsinvesting apps feature noinvesting apps feature no
Automatic Depositsinvestment app feature yesinvestment app feature yes
Stocksinvestment app feature yesinvestment app feature yes
ETFsinvestment app feature yesinvestment app feature yes
Optionsinvesting apps feature noinvesting apps feature no
Cryptocurrencyinvesting apps feature noinvesting apps feature no
Fractional Sharesinvestment app feature yesinvestment app feature yes
DRIP/FRIPinvestment app feature yesinvestment app feature yes
Bondsinvesting apps feature noinvesting apps feature no
Mutual Fundsinvesting apps feature noinvesting apps feature no
Paper Tradinginvesting apps feature noinvesting apps feature no
Margin Accountsinvestment app feature yesinvestment app feature yes
Retirement Accountsinvestment app feature yesinvestment app feature yes
Banking Servicesinvestment app feature yesinvestment app feature yes
Human Advisorsinvesting apps feature noinvesting apps feature no
Robo Advisorsinvestment app feature yesinvestment app feature yes
Stock Screenersinvesting apps feature noinvesting apps feature no
Level 2 Market Datainvesting apps feature noinvesting apps feature no

How easy is M1 Finance to use?

Simplicity 95%
m1 finance simple investing

Being a Robo-advisor, M1 Finance is extremely simple to use.

All you really do is pick a few stocks and select what percentage of your portfolio you would like those positions to occupy and these for a “pie”, as shown above.

As the assets in your portfolio change in value, M1 Finance will allow you to easily rebalance your portfolio with the touch of a button.

You can also set up automatic deposits that will then be automatically invested into the assets in your pie, based on the percentages of the pie you have allocated to each individual stock.

M1 Finance sign-up bonuses and referral program

Sign-ups 85%
m1 finance investment app referral bonuses

There is nothing REALLY wrong with the M1 Finance sign-up or referral bonus, it just has an inconvenient requirement of making new users make a deposit before being eligible for the bonus.

M1 Finance will give you a bonus $10 when you sign up and make a deposit into your M1 Finance account of at least $100.

In the world of investing, $100 is pretty much pocket change, but to some people, particularly people who are just trying to collect the referral bonus, $100 can be out of reach.

Some of the other investing apps, especially Stash, offer you a much better initial return on your investment.

For example: If you join Stash, and deposit $5, they will give you a bonus $20 to get you started. Compare that to having to deposit $100 just to receive $10 and you can see why the M1 Finance sign-up and referral program isn’t the top of the pack.

As far as referring other users, you will also receive $10 when new users sign up with your referral link and deposit $100, so once again, not quite as lucrative as other opportunities.

M1 Finance stock research tools

Stock Research 80%
m1 finance research tools

As typical with Robo-advisor services, M1 Finance doesn’t offer research tools that are exceptional.

Their tools aren’t bad by any means, they just aren’t packed full of features like some of the other, more trading focused, apps like Webull.

HOWEVER, M1 Finance DOES allow you to copy other investor’s pies, which is a really nice and convenient way to get started with robo-advisor based investing, particularly for new investors.

While the research tools of M1 Finance aren’t the best in the world, I wouldn’t avoid M1 Finance based on this reason alone, because it’s a really great app and most investing apps really don’t have great research tools to begin with.

M1 Finance FAQ

Is M1 Finance safe?

Yes, M1 Finance is a registered broker/dealer with the SEC, FINRA, and a member of SIPC. Brokerages are forced to verify your identity with your SSN, that’s just how the regulations are in that industry.

Is M1 Finance free?

If you just use the basic M1 Finance service, it’s free, other than regulatory fees. M1 Finance has a premium subscription but you aren’t required to purchase it.

How does M1 Finance make money?

M1 Finance makes money in multiple ways, including:

When does M1 Finance trade?

There are two trade windows available on M1 Finance. 10:00 am and 3:00 pm ET, on days when the stock market is open.

When was M1 Finance started?

M1 Finance was founded in 2015 by Brian Barnes in Chicago, Illinois.

Does M1 Finance have a DRIP?

The M1 Finance app doesn’t use a traditional Dividend Re-Investment Plan, it uses a Fractional Re-Investment Plan, which is pretty much the same thing, but with one major difference.

Fractional Re-Investment Plans split your dividend payments into your entire portfolio rather than just stocks from the issuing company.

Is M1 Finance good for micro investing?

M1 Finance is amazing for micro-investing, because of the access to fractional shares, a DRIP, and the app is free with no commissions.

Thank you for your support!

That’s about it for our review of the M1 Finance investing app. If M1 Finance doesn’t seem like the right investment app for you, make sure you check out our homepage where we have plenty of other great investing apps for you to choose from.

If you liked this review of the M1 Finance investing app or if you don’t think our review is accurate, please let us know by leaving a comment below. Thank you SO much for the support and have a wonderful day!

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