If you spend any time at all in the “Work From Home” groups on Facebook, you’ll see tons of people talking about Cash App and Webull. 

Both of these apps are legitimate companies but you really have to be careful because people online aren’t always looking out for your best interests.

Some of them offer to pay you to sign up and then block you once you sign up so they can get their referral bonus.

I don’t know all of the other scams these people are running, but I do know of a couple easy ways to make some money for yourself by using these apps.

This article isn’t a comprehensive investing app review, it just explains how to get started with referral marketing in order to make some extra money, and potentially scale into a bigger source of income long-term.

Disclaimer: We get paid a commission when you try products discussed in this article. Thank you.

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Cash App – What is it? How do we make money from it?

Cash App is a banking/ investing/ money transfer app. It’s 100% free to use and Cash App will pay you, and the person who referred you, $5 if you use Cash App to send $5 within 14 days of signing up. It requires some personal information because they won’t let you open bank accounts and investment accounts without the IRS knowing about it.

To make some extra money, you’ll want to start by clicking here to download/install Cash App, and you’ll need to send $5 to someone within 14 days. The app will show which friends from your contact list also have the app and you can just send one of them $5 and have them send it right back to you.

Be careful of scammers trying to talk you into sending them money in Facebook groups and other social media platforms. Most of them will just keep your money, but even if you do get scammed, if you sent the money within your first 14 days you’ll still get $5 from Cash App, so at least it’s relatively safe.

This isn’t the only way to make money with Cash App, you just have to start somewhere.

Once you have Cash App you can ask friends to join or go onto Facebook and pay people a couple bucks to join and send money to their friends.

Here is a Facebook group you can join to talk to other people who might be interested. If they join with your link and send money you get $5, so if you pay them $2 of that, you’ll have $3 left. You want to be the one in control of who sends the money not the other way around, that way you don’t get scammed.

Many people also use Cash App to pay people to join Webull too, that way they can both get a little more money, although Webull has recently been changing up their affiliate program and making it less lucrative to promote.

We are NOT lawyers, and DO NOT guarantee this behavior is legal OR allowed by these companies because we engage in other types of referral marketing. Treating this as anything other than educational information is at your own risk.

If you’re lucky, you can convince people to join Webull and also convince them to join Cash App to receive their payment, making you a decent amount of money from getting both the Cash App referral bonus and the Webull referral bonus at the same time. You’d be surprised at how many people still haven’t signed up for all of this stuff.

If you’re wise, you’ll take advantage of Cash App’s investment features too. It’s fun to spend money, but you can change your life by investing. 

Webull – What Is It And How Do I Make Money From It?

Webull is a free investing app that gives people shares of random stocks for signing up and for referring other people to sign up. 

Webull USED TO give users 1 share of a random stock when you signed up (worth $2.50-$250), AND 1 more share if you deposited at least $100 within 30 days of opening your account (valued between $12-$1400), but they have recently changed their reward structure, thanks Covid!

Where you’ll make you money is – Webull will also give you 2 shares of stocks for referring people who make a deposit of $100 or more, so you can use this to make money just like you did with Cash App.

The old bonus used to be really nice, because you could entice people to get involved with the free stock from Webull, then end up getting them to sign up for Cash App afterwards, but now you’ll have to work a little harder to convince other people to join.

You can even pay people to sign up for We-bull and as long as you send them less than the amount your free stocks are worth, you made a profit. Just be sure to wait until the deposit clears because a lot of people will sign up and never make a deposit, which means you don’t get anything.

You don’t want to pay someone and not get anything back and unfortunately, Webull takes a while for the first deposit to clear so keep that in mind when trying to convince people to sign up.

Overall if you can spread these sign up links to enough people you can make a good amount of money.

You can share your referral links on all your social media accounts and post them on forums. You can even make your own blog or Youtube channel and promote them to make an extra income if you are motivated enough.

That’s how we make our living now, from articles like this and the traffic we get over time. Anyway we hope you enjoyed this article and wish you the best of luck making some money!

If you want to learn more about turning your referral links into a business, go read this article about starting your own business at home. It is a lot more complicated than just spamming out a few referral links if you wan’t to make big money with it, but you can still make a fairly decent amount just by posting your links.

I personally got 5 people to join Robinhood (another similar free investing app) in one night without offering to pay them. It’s much easier to get people to join Webull when you are also paying them with Cash App, but Webull doesn’t cut you off after $500 like Robinhood does, which is why we are mainly discussing Cash App and Webull.

Making Money With Cash App And Webull Recap

Just to recap, in case you prefer your information in list form, here’s what you do to make some extra money with Cash App and Webull and referral marketing:

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Thank you, now go make some money and have a wonderful day!