Brief explanation of what we are doing?

We are going to do a number of things here:
1. Invest ~$110 dollars up front, then $25/ week 
2. Monitor how our portfolio grows
3. Compare the growth of these investments to other portfolios
4. Learn from the experience
5. Profit
6. Help people

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Goals of this case study

I learn by doing things, and a lot of people don’t have the ability to do what they want to do, so I figured we could have some fun and see what happens when a person invests in the stock market!

I’ve always learned much better by getting my hands dirty and messing with things, so that’s what I’m doing!

Knowledge is power, and experience is priceless, so I’m doing what I can to build up both of those things.

Like any other business, we make money off of our website traffic and investments. Money helps us do things… so we try to acquire it sometimes.

Children’s education:
Every skill I learn can be taught to my kids, and other kids, or even adults. So it seems like a good idea to try to get some experience and knowledge to share in the first place!

The way I’m going about the stock market is very simple and easy, and I’m hoping to be able to start a custodial account someday for the kids to learn how it all works too.

You never know, maybe they’ll just figure it out and rule the world….

Change the world:
My entire existence is centered on forcing society to change for the better, but I don’t believe in doing it through politics.

I feel like entrepreneurs have a call-to-action of their own to answer, and that’s to help the people who are struggling.

These websites and case studies are just my job, they aren’t what matters to me at the end of the day.

We ALL need to try new things and share our experiences so we can work together more efficiently to create a better future.

Team work makes the dream work!

Investment strategy

As with any investing strategy, this one is changing over time.

We had started off by investing our capital into two ETFs, VTV and VYM.

Over time, I added SPHD, SCHH, and VEU to our portfolio, just for diversification purposes.

We are just dumping money into this portfolio every week and using it as a control group, basically, and then comparing the results to our emotional investing portfolio and a swing trading portfolio.

M1 Finance App

We are using the free robo-advisor M1 Finance as our brokerage. Click below for a review of their services, OR follow along and see if you like their app.

Summary of Week 1, Month 3

This portfolio and case study is fairly boring, but supposedly that’s how investing is “supposed to be”, according to old-timers anyway…

This portfolio hasn’t been volatile, it basically just increases in value slowly. Get rich slow indeed…

I think this portfolio will start really taking off once the dividends start rolling in, but we’ll see, in time.


passive investing study

Summary of Week 2, Month 3

Here’s this weeks purchases.

$25 doesn’t really go very far, but our portfolio is growing slowly!

It’s only a matter of time before we’re rich!


oassive investing study

Summary of Week 3, Month 3

This week is a little more interesting! 

The stock market has been struggling a little bit recently, so we haven’t exactly been making a fortune from our investments, BUT we did get a $10 referral bonus for someone signing up with our affiliate link, so instead of investing $25 this week we got to invest $34.95 instead!

Every little bit helps, and I’m looking forward to starting to receive dividends soon, since the dividends are what this whole thing is all about.


passive investing portfolio

Summary of Week 4, Month 3

Finally some dividends!

It was only $1.13 USD, but it’s a start.

We only have received dividends from 2 holdings so far, so there will be more coming in somewhat soon.

We still aren’t seeing much growth, but the stock market has been iffy recently, so we’re just going to wait it out and stick to the plan.

passive investment study

Summary of Week 5, Month 3

We earned more dividends this week from our other holdings, so that’s really nice to see!

Passive income is the best kind of income, right?

Other than that, there’s not much to see here, just the regular weekly purchases, which M1 Finance does automatically.

passive investing case study

Thoughts and reflections for moving forward

This case study is going to have to change a tiny bit.

I had assumed that I would be able to increase my cashflow enough to be able to afford to keep all of my projects going, but that’s not the case.

I’m not entirely sure what the issue is yet, so I couldn’t accurately predict when I’ll be in a position to continue all of them, so I made the hard decision to start cutting costs…

This means that instead of having an emotional investing case study, a passive investing case study, and a swing trading portfolio, instead I completely stopped the emotional investing case study and decided to simply compare my passive investing portfolio with my swing trading portfolio.

I haven’t had a chance to document my swing trading journey, but I’ve been posting updates on that on our Instagram for a bit.

All of this isn’t very optimal, BUT I can make it work and as long as I’m making progress then that’s what matters to me.

As time goes on I’ll be able to organize everything in a better way and hopefully I’ll be able to get back to the original plan someday.