Are you looking for a great investing app so you can get involved with the stock market?

Do you hate paying commissions when you buy or sell stocks?

If you answered yes to either of these questions, then the Stash investment app may be just the thing for you!!!

Seriously though… ignore the generic-sounding intro and let’s talk about what Stash has to offer and how we rate it.

How good is the Stash investment app?

Our Rating


Google Play Store


Apple Store

Services 85%
Simplicity 95%
Sign-ups 90%
Stock Research 85%
Store Rating 85%
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Overall, we give the Stash investment app 4.4 / 5 stars. This rating is the average score of the ratings we gave the app’s Simplicity, Services, Sign-up bonuses, Stock research tools, and their Google Play Store Rating. This is how we rate all of the investment apps we review, to maintain consistency.

Stash’s Google Play Store Rating was only 4 stars, uh oh, better fix it devs!

Their app is intuitive and easy to use though, making it perfect for beginner investors, so I don’t really see why there’s the negativity.

Stash functions great and provides great features, including fractional shares, and a Stock-back program where you can earn shares of stocks when you make purchases with your Stash Debit card. The only reason Stash didn’t get a perfect score for their service is because they charge a very small monthly fee.

The Stash sign-up bonus and referral program is amazing and their stock research tools are solid enough.

If you’re interested in diving a little deeper into it, we will discuss more details below to help clarify how we decided on 4.4 stars.

Stash investing services

Services 85%
stash investing app

Stash has a wonderful service that does pretty much everything a beginner investor would want an investing app to do, although there are a few features it is missing. 

The app doesn’t give you access to everything in the world, like options, mutual funds, or cryptocurrency, but if you want a nice and easy passive investment app, Stash has you covered.

Here are some of the features that Stash has to offer:

Stash FeatureFree AccountPremium Account
Monthly FeeN/A$1, $3, or $9/ month
Minimum BalanceN/A$0
Instant DepositsN/Ainvesting apps feature no
Automatic DepositsN/Ainvestment app feature yes
StocksN/Ainvestment app feature yes
ETFsN/Ainvestment app feature yes
OptionsN/Ainvesting apps feature no
CryptocurrencyN/Ainvesting apps feature no
Fractional SharesN/Ainvestment app feature yes
DRIP/FRIPN/Ainvestment app feature yes
BondsN/Ainvesting apps feature no
Mutual FundsN/Ainvesting apps feature no
Paper TradingN/Ainvesting apps feature no
Margin AccountsN/Ainvesting apps feature no
Retirement AccountsN/Ainvestment app feature yes
Banking ServicesN/Ainvestment app feature yes
Human AdvisorsN/Ainvesting apps feature no
Robo AdvisorsN/Ainvesting apps feature no
Stock ScreenersN/Ainvesting apps feature no
Level 2 Market DataN/Ainvesting apps feature no

Stash monthly fees

Stash DOES charge a monthly fee, which is unfortunate because a lot of it’s competitors have chosen to not charge any fees, BUT luckily, the cost is really low.

$1-$9 per month is not a lot of money to give up for a good service, if you have the money of course.

Stash #stockparty

Stash has been running stock giveaway events, called Stock Parties, for a little while now and they’re pretty cool.

A Stock Party is an event where everyone promotes Stash and everyone who logs into Stash during the party will receive some free stocks.

The cool part, is the amount of bonus stock they give out depends on how well the community does at getting new members. If more people sign up… then more bonuses get paid out.

These stock parties seem to happen about 2-3 times per week, and I usually end up with about $.40 worth of free stocks just for logging in once. It’s nothing life-changing, but it’s more than enough to pay for my $1 per month Stash account.

How simple is Stash to use?

Simplicity 90%
stash investing app

The Stash investing app is REALLY simple to use. All you have to do is find a stock you’re interested in and enter how much money you’d like to invest into the stock.

You can either buy stocks manually, OR tell the app how often you’d like to invest into each company, along with the amount.

You can also link a bank account and have it automatically deposit money for these automatic purchases, making it fully passive when set up correctly.

I’m not claiming that passive investing is the best way to invest or anything, but some people enjoy it.

Stash referral program

stash investing app
Sign-ups 90%

Most people don’t really care TOO much about sign-up rewards and affiliate programs, but as an affiliate marketer, this part is important.

This is the part that literally pays for me to support the people I care about, so how could I leave it out?

When you join Stash and deposit $5 into your account, they will give you $20 for being a new customer.

They will also give whoever referred you (hopefully us!) $5 when you make that deposit.

This referral program is REALLY worth it for new users, so it makes it easier to get people to join with your link. 

I mean … who wouldn’t want to turn $5 into $25 juts by signing up for an app?

That almost sounds too good to be true….

But it isn’t. Banks and stock brokerages are in the financial industry. They have money, they just need people to join so they can make more. 

As you can see in the picture above, Stash can afford to pay someone like me $210 for referring 2 people IN ADDITION to Stash paying those 2 people their $20 each for signing up.

They just limit how much you can earn this way, that way people can’t bankrupt the company by referring a bunch of people.

Stock research tools

Stock Research 85%
stash investing research tools

The worst part about Stash (other than that annoying $1 monthly fee) is their lack of great research tools.

Their tools aren’t the worst in existence, and I don’t personally have anything against them, they’re just mediocre.

Other investing apps, like Webull particularly, have put a considerable amount of effort into their tools to help traders and all of the huge brokerages have trading platforms with tools already, so this is the one area where Stash could improve.

I wouldn’t avoid the app because of this, since you should be checking multiple sources of information when researching stock picks, but we can’t just pretend Stash has great tools if they don’t.

Stash FAQ

Is Stash legitimate?

Yes, Stash Invest is a legitimate brokerage that’s registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Your money is held by the Apex clearing firm, which has been around for years and is also registered with the SEC, FINRA, and SIPC. Apex is also the clearing firm for other brokerages, like RobinhoodSoFi, Firstrade and Webull.

Should I trust Stash with my SSN

When you open an investing account with a brokerage, the U.S. government requires them to verify your identity and obtain your Social Security Number. Stash is just as trustworthy as any of the other brokers, so don’t worry.

Is Stash investment worth it

Stash is a really good investing app and I think it’s definitely worth it if you have a decent size portfolio.

If you have a decent amount of money in your portfolio, then the $1 a month fee isn’t going to really affect you at all, or if you only have $5 and haven’t opened a Stash account yet, then yes, it can be worth it.

If you have a very small amount of money to work with then the only way that Stash is worth using is if you are joining just to get the sign-up and referral bonuses.

You can even get more than the $20 if you know what you’re doing, and if enough of you ask me nicely in the comments I might let you know how ^.^

Is Stash good for day-trading

No, Stash isn’t really designed for day-trading. If you’re interested in intra-day trading, you should consider checking out our Webull review, or trading platforms like Thinkorswim, InteractiveBrokers, or Tradestation instead.

Who owns Stash Invest?

Brandon Krieg, David Ronick, and Ed Robinson are the owners of Stash and the fintech app was founded by them in 2015 in New York

Can you actually make money with Stash

Just like with any investment app or brokerage, you CAN make money with Stash, but be careful if you choose to start off with a really low deposit.

Since the app has a monthly fee, if you start off with the $5 minimum then a $1 monthly fee can feel significant, but this fee quickly becomes irrelevant once you’ve invested a decent amount of money.

Did you try investing money with Stash? How did you like it?

If you decided to try stash, or have used it before, make sure you leave a comment below and let us know how you liked it. Sharing with the social media buttons helps too!

Your feedback helps us provide better reviews!

If Stash doesn’t sound like the best investment app for you, DON’T WORRY! Our homepage lists a bunch of great apps for you to check out, and will allow you to compare apps easily. Make sure you check it out.

Thank you for the support everyone, have a wonderful day.

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