Are you looking for an investing app with some fun features? 

Well… okay… they aren’t THAT fun, but we think they’re pretty neat.

Check out the top 3 neatest investing app features we could find, below.

Stock Lending Income Program - Webull

What is the Stock Lending Income Program? 

Webull allows it’s users to opt in to loaning their shares to collect a small fee.

This increases Webull’s ability to provide adequate liquidity.

As a user, you don’t have very much control over how this happens, you just opt in, and wait. Interest payments will start to accrue if your shares are needed by Webull.

It would require a lot of shares to make a lot of money from this, but it’s a very interesting concept and I find it really enjoyable.

Transferring Bitcoin - Cash App

Cryptocurrencies are becoming more and more mainstream so it’s nice to see apps starting to allow users to freely send Bitcoin back and forth.

This may not seem super exciting at first, but consider this true story.

I was attempting to hire a writer for a project. He lived in Nigeria. I couldn’t find a way to pay him. For some reason none of the services would allow me to send money to Nigeria, or they were too complicated to use, or totally bogus and unsafe…

The one thing I could send him? Bitcoin from Cash App. Which he saved and the price went up x5.

I got the work completed. He made a great amount of money… everyone wins.

Stock Parties - Stash

This isn’t going to get anyone rich, but these Stock Parties are really fun to me.

A few times each week, Stash gives away a bunch of free stock to people who join their #stockparty 

The rewards increase based on how many new users sign up during the event, and how many people join the party.

Stash is one of the investing apps that charges a $1 monthly fee, but these stock parties earn you more money than your monthly fee, if you attend them.

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