A lot of people are realizing that there’s a fortune to be made online through affiliate marketing, and the fintech industry is no stranger to incentivizing user acquisitions.

What this means in regular terms, is that finance companies have tons of money and will give it to you for joining, or convincing other people to join, their service.

Whether you use these bonuses for a quick little portfolio boost, or as a full-time income, it helps to know which apps have the best sign-up, referral, and affiliate programs.

Here’s the 3 investment apps we think offer the best rewards for new investors:

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#1) Webull


4.5/5 Stars

Webull Services 85%
Webull Simplicity 85%
Webull Sign-ups 95%
Webull Stock Research 95%
Webull Store Rating 85%

If free shares of stocks get you excited, then you might want to learn a little more about the Webull investing app.

Webull only has a few features that really stand out, and one of them is their user acquisition program, which rewards users with shares of stocks for signing up and referring other new users.

The thing that makes Webull’s referral program so interesting, is that it can compete with the rewards offered by other investing apps’  affiliate programs.

Usually fintech companies will offer some kind of “refer-a-friend” reward, and a more exclusive, and typically higher paying, affiliate program for professional affiliate marketers.

Webull’s basic referral program pays well enough to compete with other companies, AND they also have the Webull Influencer Program, which pays even more, and allows influencers the chance to pick their reward structure.

Influencers can even get paid $300 to refer other influencers, so if you have a group of friends who are into social media, you may want to check it out and try to make some money.

Currently, Webull is offering affiliates up to $1,200 for referring a friend (4 stocks worth between $3-$300 each) which is a pretty amazing bonus. Promotional offers like that happen often so there are plenty of opportunities to earn money and that’s why Webull is #1.

#2) Acorns


4.4/5 Stars

Acorns Services 80%
Acorns Simplicity 100%
Acorns Sign-ups 90%
Acorns Stock Research 75%
Acorns Store Rating 90%

This simple passive investing app makes investing easier than you can imagine, has a great referral program, and is really affordable as well.

Acorns costs between $1 – $5 per month, which is a bit annoying if you’re using Acorns just for the referral bonuses, but it’s worth it if you are getting referrals, and even more worth it if you use the app for investing too.

The reward for signing up and referring new users is only $5, BUT Acorns usually has a special promotion each month where you can earn a few hundred extra dollars by referring a certain number of people within the month.

This month, they are awarding an extra $300 for referring 4 friends, which is pretty easy to do, and a very good payout for the work involved.

#3) Public


4.2/5 Stars

Public Services 70%
Public Simplicity 90%
Public Sign-ups 90%
Public Stock Research 75%
Public Store Rating 90%

The Public investing app doesn’t have an ultra high-paying referral program, BUT it DOES offer a generous reward for referring new users, and the app doesn’t have deposit restrictions, like a lot of the other investing apps do.

When you sign up for Public you will get to choose a stock from their list and you’ll receive about $7 worth of that stock.

Public offers partial shares, or fractional shares, so if the $7 won’t buy a full share, don’t worry about it, you’ll still get your stock!

$7 might not seem like a lot compared to apps like Webull, but it adds up and a lot of the other investment apps place a bunch of restrictions on your referrals, like really low yearly caps on the amount you can receive, or they require a $100 deposit which makes it harder to get people to sign up.

Being able to randomly collect $7 over and over for doing nothing is a pretty nice gig, in my opinion.

Which investing app do you think has the best affiliate program?

These are just the affiliate/referral programs that WE prefer. 

If you are using another investing app and you think their referral bonus is better, let us know in the comments.

We’d also like to hear which app you choose, if you choose one from this list. This will help us get a better understanding  of which investment apps people prefer and why.

Thank you for the support, have a wonderful day, and good luck with your investing!