If you have been wondering if you should go with more of a day-trading investing app, like Webull, or a passive investing app, like Acorns, then this is the comparison article for you!

Today we’re going to compare the Webull and Acorns investing apps so you can figure out which one you want to use to start investing.


The best investing app, Webull or Acorns?


Services 85%
Simplicity 85%
Sign-ups 95%
Stock Research 95%
Store Rating 85%


Services 80%
Simplicity 100%
Sign-ups 90%
Stock Research 75%
Store Rating 90%
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Both of these investing apps are great, but for different things.

If you like day-trading, or being hands-on with your investments, then Webull is going to feel a lot better than Acorns will.

If you just want to get exposed to the stock market, but don’t really want to be involved with it personally, then Acorns will offer you a better passive investing experience.

Webull and Acorns services

Webull Services 85%
Acorns Services 80%

Here is a comparison of the different services and features Webull and Acorns offer investors.

This isn’t a 100% complete list, but it will give you a good idea of how much each brokerage has to offer.

Webull FeaturesFree AccountPremium AccountAcorns FeaturesFree AccountPremium Account
Monthly Fee$0N/AMonthly FeeN/A$1-$3/ month
Minimum Balance$0 or $100 for deposit bonusN/AMinimum BalanceN/A$0
Instant DepositsPartialN/AInstant DepositsN/Ainvesting apps feature no
Automatic Depositsinvesting apps feature noN/AAutomatic DepositsN/Ainvestment app feature yes
Stocksinvestment app feature yesN/AStocksN/Ainvesting apps feature no
ETFsinvestment app feature yesN/AETFsN/Ainvestment app feature yes
Optionsinvestment app feature yesN/AOptionsN/Ainvesting apps feature no
Cryptocurrencyinvestment app feature yesN/ACryptocurrencyN/Ainvesting apps feature no
Fractional Sharesinvestment app feature yesN/AFractional SharesN/Ainvestment app feature yes
DRIP/FRIPinvesting apps feature noN/ADRIP/FRIPN/Ainvestment app feature yes
Bondsinvesting apps feature noN/ABondsN/Ainvesting apps feature no
Mutual Fundsinvesting apps feature noN/AMutual FundsN/Ainvesting apps feature no
Paper Tradinginvestment app feature yesN/APaper TradingN/Ainvesting apps feature no
Margin Accountsinvestment app feature yesN/AMargin AccountsN/Ainvesting apps feature no
Retirement Accountsinvesting apps feature noN/ARetirement AccountsN/Ainvestment app feature yes
Banking Servicesinvesting apps feature noN/ABanking ServicesN/Ainvestment app feature yes
Human Advisorsinvesting apps feature noN/AHuman AdvisorsN/Ainvesting apps feature no
Robo Advisorsinvesting apps feature noN/ARobo AdvisorsN/Ainvestment app feature yes
Stock Screenersinvestment app feature yesN/AStock ScreenersN/Ainvesting apps feature no
Level 2 Market Datainvesting apps feature noinvestment app feature yesLevel 2 Market DataN/Ainvesting apps feature no
OtherStock Lending ProgramN/AOtherN/ARound-ups

Which investment app has the best service?

If you’re mostly interested in passive investing, then Acorns has some really great features for you.  Round-ups and automatic deposits keep a steady stream of money going into your investments, and the Acorns robo-advisor takes care of the rest.

Webull just doesn’t offer a very good passive investing experience like some of the other investment apps that have fractional shares and DRIPs.

HOWEVER, if passive investing isn’t your thing, then Webull is a much more powerful app for active investing and even day-trading.

With paper trading, a stock lending income program, powerful technical analysis tools, and tons of stocks, ETFs, options, and even cryptocurrencies to choose from, Webull is just much more suited for active investing than Acorns is.

Which investing app is more simple, Webull or Acorns?

Webull Simplicity 85%
Acorns Simplicity 100%

Webull simplicity

webull easy

As you can see from the picture above, Webull isn’t a difficult app to understand, it just isn’t the easiest to understand.

It’s pretty mediocre as far as simplicity goes, but still solid enough to not deserve too terrible of a ranking.

Investors shouldn’t have any problems figuring out most of the Webull features, although they may get frustrated by not having access to fractional shares.

Acorns simplicity

acorns easy

Acorns is one of the most simple, if not THE most simple investing app in the fintech industry. You basically just live your life and Acorns invests for you, it really doesn’t get much easier than that.

Which investment app is easiest to use?

None of the other investing apps really stand much of a chance against Acorns in this category, so Acorns is the clear winner.

The Acorns app is set up to be extremely passive and easy to use for investors of all experience levels.

Webull and Acorns sign-up and referral programs

Webull Sign-up and Referrals 95%
Acorns Sign-up and Referrals 90%

Sign-up and referral bonuses may not be a huge concern to most people, but they are a good way to get an immediate return on your investment, and can even be turned into a full-time income, if you put in the work.

Here’s what we think about the Webull and Acorns referral programs, and their rewards.

Webull sign-up and referral program

webull referral bonus

Webull has the most interesting, and profitable, referral programs out of all of the investing apps.

The regular reward for inviting new users is 2 stocks worth $10+ when the user signs up and deposits $100 or more within their first 30 days, which isn’t the best reward by itself, but the real value comes from their influencer program.

If you are capable of referring new users to Webull, they have an influencer program that allows you to pick which rewards would best fit your situation.

You can read more about the Webull influencer rewards in our Webull review if you’re interested in that type of thing.

Webull also has a ton of promotions that reward users for inviting new people, or sometimes for participating in paper trading events.

Right now, they are giving away raffle tickets for shares of KO to people who refer new users, in addition to the normal rewards of course.


Acorns sign-up and referral program

acorns promo

Acorns is one of the few investing apps with a referral program that can almost compete with Webull.

Their normal referral bonus, which is $5 (paid when a friend joins and invests $5), isn’t very spectacular, especially considering it requires a deposit, but what makes Acorns stand out is their referral promos.

As you can see in the picture above, users who refer multiple new users within a set time period, usually a month, can receive huge cash incentives, the current promo being $500 for inviting 5 friends.

Best sign-up and referral program?

Webull has slightly better sign-up and referral bonuses than Acorns does, but both of these investing apps have really great referral programs.

Both investment apps have special promotions on top of their regular refer-a-friend programs, which helps reward people who can promote the apps well.

Webull and Acorns stock research tools

Webull Stock Research 95%
Acorns Stock Research 75%

Webull stock research tools

webull tools

The research tools you have access to on Webull are pretty top-notch for the mobile fintech industry.

If you want to get into technical analysis and day-trading, then definitely go with Webull because the other investing apps don’t have very good tools, generally.

Acorns stock research tools

Being a full robo-advisor, Acorns doesn’t really even offer stock research tools in the same sense that other apps do.

With Acorns you basically just deposit money and let it automatically invest your money for you, so there’s really no need to use tools at all.

Best stock research tools, Webull or Acorns?

Webull definitely has much better tools, so it kind of wins this category by default.

Acorns is a great app though, and doesn’t require stock research tools, so if you want more of a passive investing experience, then consider using Acorns despite the tools.

Thank you so much!

We hope you enjoyed our investing app comparison article, and we hope you have a better idea of which investing app is right for you.

If you didn’t find the right investing app, don’t worry! There are plenty more reviews on our homepage.

Let us know what you think about these investing apps, thanks!